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Locally Grown and Raised.

Fresh Sweet Corn

We take pride in ONLY growing the highest quality NON-GMO bi-color triple sweet corn.

Much of the sweet corn grown today is GMO (Genetically Modified) – GMO corn   has been genetically engineered to either withstand the herbicide glyphosate and produce its own pesticide.


All of our corn is locally grown and is hand-picked fresh daily.


What makes our sweet corn stand apart from the others?    


  • We only grow NON-GMO Sweet corn.


  • Picked every morning and throughout the day to ensure maximum freshness.


  • Hand Picked only – No Machines


  • Triple Sweet varieties have a 20%+ higher sugar content than all other sweet corn.


  • Long holding window – All sweet corn will eventually convert its sugars to starch over time. Different varieties complete this process at different rates. The slower the conversion the better the taste for a longer period of time. 

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